• Peach Picking
  • Grape Picking
  • さつま芋掘り



At MarusaMaruche … You can experience harvesting activities such as picking various kinds of fruits in season, like peaches, grapes, persimmons, kiwi fruits, prunes, and digging sweet potatoes as well.
In the sun-drenched kingdom of fruits, Yamanashi, please enjoy peach picking, grape picking and many other delicious fruits picking and harvesting vegetables in season.
After harvesting, you can enjoy cooking activities at our Cooking Studio if you wish.
※ Fruits and vegetables which you can harvest are subject to change depending on the season. Please contact us for details.



MarusaMaruche’s famous produce is a sweet big round peach!It’s because peaches from Marusa FruitsFuruya Farm, which runs MarusaMaruche, are admitted their superiority even in Yamanashi, the home of peaches, as high-class-grade and delicious ones.White peaches from MarusaFruitsFuruyaFarm are selected to make Suntory canned chuhai‘KodawariKajuen (, which means Fine selected Fruit Farm)’ every year. MarusaMaruche introduces peach picking farms such as Marusa FruitsFuruya Farm and other nearby farms to you.
After picking peaches, you can enjoy making peach compote & dessert at our Cooking Studio.

Speaking of Yamanashi, grape picking! You can enjoy not only various kinds of popular grapes such as KYOHO, PIONE, KAIJI and DELAWARE but also rare kinds of grapes such as SHINE MUSCAT, MANICURE FINGER, AJIRON andPizzutello Bianco.


Very popular with children!  Enjoy digging sweet potatoes getting covered with mud. After that, you can enjoy baking sweet potatoes and making dried sweet potatoes at our Cooking Studio.

Depending on the season, fruits and vegetables which you can
harvest are different.  Please ask us before you come.

Agricultural Experience

Educational Farm



MarusaMaruche provides the chance of “Real Experiences” from growing farm products to eating them.
Food Education is based on “Experience”.MarusaMaruche gives you various kinds of agricultural experiences such as a harvesting experience, an agricultural experience, seedling planting, harvest, and processing. You can find something important feeling with your body and enriching your mind.

Late April – Late May

You can experience harvesting the vegetables grown onMarusaMaruche Cooking Studio Farm and the organic vegetables grown on the farms ofcontracted farmers.You can also enjoy cooking them at our Cooking Studio.

We suggestagricultural experience as a part of health care for company employees who rarely take exercise.
Working out on the farm and harvest fruits & vegetables could be helpful to keep their mental health good. It also could be nice to spend a holiday with their families.