Cafemanaged directly by the Farm!

All our meals are made fresh from raw ingredients using our own farm produce, which are also reliable and safe.

The strong point of MarusaMarucheis that we can get safe and delicious foodstuff straight from our farm. It’s because MarusaMaruche is run by the Farm!
We use Yamanashi Brand rice and meat aiming at“Locally produced, locally consumed.”
Ournutritionists suggest new dishes with fruits and vegetables. We would like you to enjoy a heathy and really delicious meal.

This is a very healthy curry with more than ten kinds of fresh organic vegetables and only arboreal ripefruits.
‘Fujizakura Pork’ ,Yamanashi’s signature brand meat isalso used in the curry.


This is the omelette containing fried rice with special eggs from a contracted farmer.(The eggs, which taste very sweet, are sold at our market.)


This is a healthy set meal of Japanese food, which gives you the recommended daily intake of vegetables.You can enjoy plenty of vegetables from local farms.

You can have pasta with plenty of fruits and vegetables harvested in our farm in season.

You can eat waffle hot from the oven topped with handmade jam and gelato from MarusaMaruche’sfarm. We have two kinds of waffles, savory for meal or sweet for dessert.


Only MarusaMaruche Cooking Studio can serve you this peach-centric cheesecake with plenty of peaches and some peach blossoms from the farm. We also have some kinds of cake with other fruits from the farm.

Plenty of fruits from the farm are used. You can enjoy fruits in season.

Luxury pancake with plenty of fruits from the farm. You can fully enjoy fruits in season.

Plenty of fruits from the farm are used as toppings. You can fully enjoy fruits in season.

Herbaltea with floating peach blossom petals, which have a lot of beauty components.

※Please note that dishes are subject to seasonal changes. Please contact us for details.

※ Please make a reservation for dining customersin order to serve fresh meals as quickly as we can.




Farm produce such as vegetables, fruits, rice, eggs and so on, from the farmers who are particular about reduction of agrochemicals and jam, juice and wine are sold at a reasonable price. Please try eggs laid by the chickens fed with special feed, organic vegetables and rice called ‘Milky Queen’ from Yamanashi, which we highly recommend. Home delivery options are available fresh from the farms.

※ Products depend on seasons. Please pardon us if they are sold out.

Milky Queen is rice from Tomosa Farm Inc., Hokuto-City, which is the area in Yamanashi that has delicious water.
It stays chewy even when it gets cold. Once you eat it, you cannot stop eating!

Eggs fromDongri (Acorn) Farm, Ichimiya-cho, Yamanashi.
We givechicken feed mixed with rice to chickens, which makes an egg distinctive flavour.
It taste sweet and strong. Please try our sweet tasted egg.

Handmade Jams

Handmade low-sugar Jam featuring dices of fruits.No additives at all.

White Peach Jam

Jam made with white peaches from Marusa Fruit Farm. A wonderful texture of peaches forpeach lovers.

Yellow Peach Jam

Jam made with yellow peaches called ‘Golden Peach’, which has a fresh sweetness. Please enjoy a vivid color and a rich flavor.

White Peach & Apple Jam

Mixed Fruit Jam with delicious peaches and organic apples. Please try mixture of sweet-sourapples and sweet peaches.

Grape Jam

Grape Jam contained plenty of polyphenol using whole fruit. Please feel rich and sweet taste.

Fig Jam

Figs, which make bowel work well, are made into jam. You feel sweetness and texture of figs as if you ate fresh figs.

Mixed Grape Jam

Made from different kinds of grapes from Marusa Fruit Furuya Farm. Please enjoy various kinds of flavors.

Fruit Sauces

With yogurt. Also use as dressing mixed with olive oil or vinegar and use as sauce with sautémeat.

Ajiron Sauce  low-sugar /non-sugar

This is made from precious grapes called ‘rare black grape’
Please enjoy its aromatic flavors. You can choose low-sugar sauce or non-sugar sauce.

White Peach Sauce

Luxury handmade sauce with plenty of peach flesh. Its colour is tender pink.

Yellow Peach Sauce

Luxury cute yellow coloured sauce with plenty of yellow peach flesh.


Non-sugar juice made 100% from Marusa Fruit Furuya Farm fruits.

Peach Juice

No added sugar. Juicy and plenty of pectin!

Grape Juice

No added sugar. Plenty of polyphenol!


Ajiron Wine

This wine is made from precious grapes called ‘rare black grape’.


Peach Pickles

Special texture of pickles used by a firm type of peach, which tastes naturally sweet and sour.You also enjoy fruit vinegar itself with water or sparkling water.
It’s delicious to be rolled with uncured ham as well.


A whole peach straight from Marusa Fruits Furuya Farm is made into compote. It tastes just like a fresh peach.

White Peach Compotes

Golden Peach Compotes

Dried Fruits

Dried Fruits

Our Dried Fruits are made with grapes, peaches and figs straight from Marusa Fruits Furuya Farm. They have been dried in the sun on our farm. Being made in Japan, they are safe and trusted. They taste sweet and deep fruits themselves.

Ampo-gaki (Dried Persimmon, Kaki)

Ampo-gaki (Dried Persimmon, Kaki)

You can taste both plenty of body of dried persimmons and fruity crude flavor becauseAmpo-gaki pulpremains moist.

Hoshi-imo (Dried Sweet potato)

Hoshi-imo (Dried Sweet potato)

“Beni-Haruka”is a cultivar of sweet potato, whose name comes from “Haruka” which means “much”sweeter than any other sweet potato. Please enjoy home-grown sweet and sticky sweet potatos. You can feel natural sweetness and softness.