MarusaMaruche also has a Cooking Studio, where you can have a special experience!We offer a lot of activities such as making dessert and jam for souvenir.

You can makedessesrt with fruits and vegetables you harvest, jams and compotes for souvenirs. You can also experience making ‘Ampogaki made of KoshuHyakumegaki’ and dried sweet potatoes from harvest to processing. Still more we have a cooking class where we use vegetables, fruits and meat from Yamanashi.
※Activities are subject to change depending on the season. Please contact us for details. 。

時短・初心者向け! おもてなし料理教室

Marusa FruitsFuruya Farm holds a cooking class enjoying fruits and vegetables in season.
Delicious and easy recipes for appetizers, main dishes and desserts will be helpful at home.

If you wish to make something special, please ask us.


Cooking with plenty of peaches fromMarusa FruitsFuruya Farm is a popular activity at Cooking Studio during summer.
You can enjoy Marusa Fruits’ peaches at home for a long time by making them into compote or jam.

You can also make dessert, sorbet and shake with peaches.


You can experience making a high-grade article Ampogaki with Yamanashi brand Koshu-Hyakumegaki.

Sun dried sour persimmons by traditional local techniques turnthick sweet Ampogaki.Ampogaki has been a traditional gift for ages and sold as a high-grade article at department stores.

山梨のあつあつ郷土料理 ほうとう作り体験

Hoto is Yamanashi’s local cuisine. The noodles kneaded with flourand cut roughly are cooked in misosoup together with plenty of vegetables including pumpkins.
Please enjoy not only cooking but also the regional dish!


You can make original chopsticks and spoons with peach tree and grape vine from Marusa Fruits Furuya Farm.


You can make dressing with plenty of fruits such as peaches, grapes, persimmons and kiwi fruits from Marusa Fruits Furuya Farm.


How about making parfait with plenty of fruits from Marusa Fruits Furuya Farm? It’s very popular among kids. You can enjoy making parfait all year round.

これが本当の天然色! 草木染め物体験

You can enjoy dyeing a T-shirt, a scarf etc. with onions, grapes and peaches from the farm.

ふわふわ パンケーキ作り体験

Let’s make fluffy pancakes with fruits and jam. It’s very popular among both adultsand children. Youcan enjoy all year round.

あつあつのとろとろ! ピザ作り体験

Please enjoy fruit pizza or vegetable pizza with your favourite toppings! It’s very easy to make your own pizza and it’s so delicious!You can enjoy making pizza all year round.

サクサクッ! パイ作り体験

Let’s make a delicious pie with fruits and vegetables in season!Juicy fruit filling is in a crispy pie! It’s very popular with women.

冬限定! クリスマスリース作り体験

Let’s make a Christmas wreath with sweet potato vines!

Your heart will be warm even in cold winter with a handmade wreath!

子供達に大人気! スイートポテトや干し芋作り体験

Please enjoy making sweet potatoes with “Beniharuka”, which are renowned for the most delicious sweet potatoes. Please trysteaming-hotsweet sweet potatoes.
Even children who don’t like potatoes can eat them saying “So delicious!” as they are made by themselves.

The sweet potatoes are sugary, sticky, glossy and of course, so delicious!