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  • Here in Yamanashi you can have a joyful experience.

    MarusaMaruche is …

    one-stop service which can offer you fruit picking such as peaches or grapes,

    various kinds of agricultural experiences, cooking activities with our own farm

    produce, direct sale of agricultural products.

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    Play and Enjoy

    Speaking of fruits in Yamanashi, peaches and grapes, of course! At MarusaMaruche, you can enjoy various kinds of fruits picking in season as well as peach picking and grape picking.

    Learn by touching soil

    Harvest various kinds of fruits and vegetables in season. You can have an agricultural experience all throughout the season. You can apply for an agricultural experience as a part of school events.

    Cook with stuff you harvest

    Make a dessert with fruits and vegetables you harvest. Make jam and compote for souvenir.Only locals can tell you how to eat them in a very special way.

    Eat deliciously

    We also run a cafe, where you can enjoy delicious dishes with reliable and safe foodstuffs from the local farms.

    Buy fresh foodstuffs

    We sell produce straight from farms in the local area. Good for souvenir.


    Find Us

    MarusaMaruche  Cooking Studio

    Address 238 Sueki, Ichimiya-cho,
    Fuefuki City, YAMANASHI, 
    405-0073, JAPAN


    +81(0)553-47-4447 from overseas

    Fax 0553-39-9447
    +81(0)553-47- 9447 from overseas
    Email cook@marusa-f.co.jp
    9am – 5pm

    Mondays (subject to change depending on seasons)

    View westward on Route 20 (from Tokyo)

    View eastward on Route 20 (from Kofu)

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